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About Discoveries Need Dollars

Discoveries Need Dollars is a grassroots campaign aimed at promoting the value of medical research funding as an investment in the future health of Australians.

Discoveries Need Dollars brings together supporters of medical research from throughout the Australian community: patients who will benefit from advances made through medical research (or have already benefited), families of these patients, medical professionals and medical researchers.

Meet some of the supporters of Australian medical research.

What’s at risk if Australian medical research is not supported?

  • people’s access to future health benefits
  • medical research jobs
  • retaining Australia’s best scientists
  • reducing Australia’s future health spend
  • the long-term investment previous governments have made in large research programs

Find out more about why we need to protect medical research.

Discoveries Need Dollars was formed in 2011, in response to widespread rumours suggesting that the Australian government intended to cut medical research funding in the 2011-2012 budget. Thousands voiced their concern about the cuts, and medical research funding was ultimately maintained.

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