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Your support can help us to protect medical research funding in Australia. Make your voice heard and support medical research! Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same.

How else can you support medical research in Australia?

If you value the many benefits which medical research brings to Australia, make your voice heard. To help, you can:

Write to your politicians

Tell your politicians that you support maintenance of medical research funding by state and federal governments. Find out contact details for your local politicians from the Australian Electoral Commission website.

Remember that personalised messages carry more weight, so if you have the time, we strongly recommend sending a personal message (preferably hard-copy) about why medical research is important to you and should be protected. Read out about many of the benefits of Australian medical research.

Write to your local paper, or call talkback radio

Explain how medical research has helped you, or, if you are a researcher, explain how your research will help others. If you disagree with medical research funding cuts or other changes in government policy, speak out.

The letters page is one of the most read pages in the newspaper so your letters can make a real difference. View contact details for where to submit your letter to newspapers and numbers for talkback radio stations.

Discuss the importance of medical research using social media

You can support Discoveries Need Dollars on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (@protectresearch). On Twitter you can also use the #protectresearch hashtag so other supporters can find your messages. The MP Tweets website lists Australian federal and state politicians who have twitter accounts.

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Read the latest news about medical research funding and policy on our News and links page.