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2011 News (July-December)











30 December: The Sydney Morning Herald reports the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, including the NHMRC, is monitoring the progress of a trial linking patient care to their genetic sequence.

30 December: An American medical researcher explains why science should be supported during tough economic times, in The Washington Times.

28 December: The Guardian reports that UK science charities are facing funding cuts, potentially hindering economic growth.

26 December: In an opinion piece in The Daily Telegraph, Christopher Pyne MP, opposition education spokesman, criticises the government's funding cuts for maths and science education programs.

24 December: The Saturday Age reports the federal government will establish a collaborative ''partnership centre'' of researchers, health professionals and policy makers to address the problems posed by the rising prevalence of dementia.

22 December: US Nobel laureate Professor Carol Greider writes that budget cuts mean the US risks surrendering its leading edge in science, technology and innovation, in The Baltimore Sun.

22 December: ABC News reports on a study by the Australian Academy of Science showing falling participation in science studies by Australian high school students.

21 December: Nature compares the number of research publications by countries, including Australia, in 2011.

19 December: Professor Doug Hilton writes about how medical research delivers value for money in The Conversation.

7 December: The Australian reports that Nobel laureate Professor Brian Schmidt has donated $100,000 from his Nobel Prize to fund an Australian Academy of Science education program that the federal government has stopped funding.

5 December: UK government cuts to university funding will hinder the development of cures for killer diseases, reports The Guardian.

5 December: Australian Life Scientist profiles the 19 recipients of the 2011 NHMRC Excellence Awards.

1 December: the recipients of the inaugural Elizabeth Blackburn Fellowships and other NHMRC awards are announced, reports The Australian.

30 November: The Canberra Times reports that increased fees for university science and maths courses have been announced as one of the savings measures in the Federal Government's mid-year budget review.

30 November: Crikey reports "the clock is ticking for NHMRC and its conflicts of interest policy".

23 November: Nature reports on the threat of substantial budget cuts for United States' science agencies, and that early career scientists are most vulnerable to National Institutes of Health budget cuts.

23 November: Sir George Cox, who headed Britain's major productivity review in 2005, says on ABC Radio PM that more investment in creative industries, research an development is needed to improve Australia's productivity 

22 November: The Washington Post reports the United States Congress, struggling to reducing the budget deficit, has spared federal science funding from threatened budget cuts.

7 November: Professor Ian Chubb, Chief Scientist of Australia, asks "does Australia care about science?" in The Conversation.

31 October: Mark Butler, Minister for Health and Ageing, launches new report "Return on NHMRC funded Research & Development" (pdf) comissioned  by the Australian Society of Medical Research, showing the past decade of investment through NHMRC has the potential to return considerable economic benefits.

18 October: The NHMRC announces $673.7 million for 1140 new health and medical research grants, its single largest investment ever, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

13 October: The World Health Organization warns that while the number of tuberculosis cases gobally are dropping, research into drug-resistant strains is underfunded, endangering future health.

29 September:President of the Australian Academy of Science, Professor Suzanne Cory's speech at the National Press Club warning to "invest in science or else" reported in The Australian.

28 September: Professor Suzanne Cory, President of the Australian Academy of Science, writes in The Conversation that science and maths are the future of Australia, coinciding with her speech (pdf) to the National Press Club.

28 September: Australian Life Scientist reports on research suggesting that chance played a large role in determining who received research funding  in the 2009 NHMRC funding round, according to a study in the British Medical Journal.

27 September: Mark Butler MP and Professor Simon McKeon discuss the upcoming review of health and medical research funding on ABC Radio AM.

18 August: The Guardian reports the UK government has commited an extra £800m to medical research over the next five years.

6 July: Australian Life Scientist reports that Greens MP Adam Bandt has tabled a petition supporting medical research.

5 July: Research from the Garvan Institute Vietnam National University highlights impact of science research on ASEAN economies.

4 July: The Sydney Morning Herald reports Professor Robert Graham, executive director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, says continued investment in medical research is crucial and may reduce healthcare costs.


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