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2011 News (March-June)











24 June: Rod Lamberts, deputy director of the Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science interviews Australia’s recently-appointed Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb in The Conversation.

17 May: Alan Robson, the vice-chancellor of the University of Western Australia, writes in The Australian that Australia’s future success will depend substantially on our capacity to be players in the main game of the advancement of knowledge and innovation.

16 May: In The Courier Mail ABC radio presenter Madonna King opines on why science isn't a priority for government funding.

14 May: The Science Show on ABC Radio National broadcasts an analysis by FASTS CEO Anna-Maria Arabia on the Australian government's budget allocations for medical and scientific research.

13 May: University World News reports that despite the government's 'tough' budget the university sector has fared quite well.

12 May: The Age editorialises that 'blinkered' political leaders are leaving researchers in limbo.

12 May: The Age reports that the government's decision to discontinue the International Science Linkages program will restrict Australia's ability to collaborate internationally.

11 May: Nature News reports that no news is good news for science in the 2011-12 budget

11 May: The Australian reports that the medical research community was pleased with the outcome of last night's budget

11 May: Professor Les Field, DVC (Research) at the University of New South Wales, writes in The Australian that although the budget for the ARC and NHMRC have been maintained, the future of the Cooperative Research Centres program is in doubt.

11 May: Professor Doug Hilton reflects in New Matilda on the successful campaign to protect medical research funding and where to now for the sector

11 May: Health and medical research weathers 2011 budget, reports Australian Life Scientist

11 May: ABC Science reports that Australia's scientific community has given a muted response to last night's federal budget announcement

11 May: Professor Jane Hall writes in The Conversation: Medical research funding has been saved: now we need to spend wisely

11 May: The Newcastle Herald reports: Medical research is still healthy

9 May: Ninemsn reports that Greens worried by research cuts.

8 May: The Sydney Morning Herald details What to expect in Tuesday's federal budget.

4 May: The Australian reports that University of Melbourne's medicine program has ranked 15th in the world.

4 May: The Inner West Courier reports on the Centenary Institute in Camperdown: we will all feel these cuts.

2 May: The Age's Erica Cervini blogs her analysis of the fight to save medical research in "To the barricades".

May: Australasian Science publishes an article asking about the medical research cut.

28 April: ONLINE Opinion publishes an opinion piece by Harriet Gee arguing that the health of the nation needs medical research.

28 April: The Age publishes several Letters to the Editor from readers concerned at the prospect of cuts to medical research funding.

27 April: Cathy O'Leary, the West Australian's medical writer, opines on why medical research is not a good target for funding cuts.

24 April: The Age reports on six research projects that would be threatened if the government cuts medical research funding.

24 April: Greens MP Adam Bandt releases Treasury costings on corporate tax and says that if the government's intention to drop the tax rate from 30 to 29 per cent is applied only to small business and not large corporations there is no need to cut health and medical research funding.

23 April: Former Queensland premier Peter Beattie writes a 'Dear Wayne' letter in The Australian, explaining why protecting medical research funding should be a budgetary priority.

23 April: Preston Leader reports on Diamond Valley outcry over health cuts plan.

21 April: Herald Sun reports on number of jobs to go if medical research slashed.

21 April: The Australian reports NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell's comment that supporting medical research in Australia should be a bi-partisan issue.

21 April: The Northcote Leader reports on the fears of La Trobe University professors that medical research cuts would risk public health.

21 April: Eric Knight from the Australian National University writes in The Canberra Times that targeting medical research to save money will not help Australia.

21 April: Preston Leader reports that sick suffer if medical science cut, LaTrobe experts say.

20 April: Science reports that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is rethinking cuts to the medical research budget.

20 April: The Australian's Higher Education section reports that medical researchers keep up campaign against cuts.

20 April: An editorial in The Age reports on the (laboratory) mouse that roared.

20 April: The Australian discusses potential budget cuts in you rule budget cuts in, your rule budget cuts out, slash a little funding and see if they shout.

20 April: The Age reports on the bid to save science budget.

20 April: The Courier Mail reports that scientists reject funding cuts.

20 April: Professor wants to make science a protected species reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

19 April: Scientists rally against budget cuts in King George Square reports The Courier Mail.

19 April: Wally Lewis laces up for political protest, reports The Brisbane Times.

19 April: The Brisbane Times covers the Rally for Research in Brisbane.

19 April: Ninemsn reports that cancer survivor rallies to save research.

19 April: Prof Doug Hilton writes in The Conversation about speculation the government will protect research, and what the medical research community can do to protect its future.

19 April: Medical Observer reports that medical research may be spared the Budget axe.

19 April: ABC News reports that the PM has backed away from medical research cuts.

19 April: According to The Age, PM Gillard is trying to soothe worries about cuts to medical research funding.

19 April: The Australian reports that fear of cruellest cut sparks revolt.

19 April: ABC's The Drum discusses why bad policy can be good politics.

19 April: The Age reports that economists put a $129bn tag on cut to research.

19 April: The Age reports that young researchers anticipiate a bleaker post-budget future.

19 April: Liberal Party of Australia provides a statement on Labor's mixed message on research cuts.

19 April: The Brisbane Times reports that Wally Lewis laces up for political protest.

19 April: The West Australian reports that health research cuts will come at 'big cost'.

19 April: Dr Cathy Foley writes in the The Age today that science confronts a question of dark matter. Why is it under attack?

19 April: Ninemsn reported that according to Peter Dutton research cuts are unacceptable.

19 April: Letters to the Editor in The Age argue "cut research and we will all lose".

19 April: A letter to the Editor in the Herald Sun discusses the pain of losing a mother to Alzheimer's.

18 April: The Australian reports that the Coalition fights cuts to health research.

18 April: Herald Sun reports that top minds fight razor gang.

18 April: AdelaideNow reports that experts predict community backlash to Budget cuts.

18 April: AdelaideNow editorial discusses high cost of Budget cuts.

18 April: The Telegraph reports that scientists take on Budget razor gang.

18 April: 2GB (Sydney) interviews Peter Dutton, Federal Shadow Minister for Health.


17 April: Andrew Robb AO MP's position statement on Labor's proposed cuts to medical research.

17 April: The Telegraph reports on cancer research funding crisis.

17 April: 3RRR FM's (Melbourne) program Einstein a Go Go covers the impact of cuts to medical research on diabetes.

17 April: The Herald Sun considers the issue of medical research funding in its Letters to the Editor "vox pop".

16 April: The Australian reports that medical research cuts will lead to brain drain.

16 April: People will pay for cuts: slashing research funding is penny-wise, pound-foolish, scientists say in an article in The Australian.

16 April: Research fellows petition Canberra over research funding cuts reports The Australian.

16 April: Professor Doug Hilton writes in Cosmos about why we should protect medical research from the razor gang.

16 April: The Australian reports that stem cell researchers to link up with US Institute.

16 April: Melbourne Talk Radio's Weekend Afternoons program interviews Andrew McLeod (CEO Committee for Melbourne) and Adam Bandt (Federal Member for Melbourne).

16 April: In a letter to the Editor in the Herald Sun, a reader pleads "Don't take away research lifeline".

15 April: Australian Fellows' open letter to Julia Gillard.

15 April: 2GB's Alan Jones grills Penny Wong about potential cuts to medical research funding.

15 April: ABC news reports researchers rally against major funding cuts in Darwin.

15 April: Don't cut medical cash - says Western Bulldogs director Susan Alberti in a article in the Herald Sun.

15 April: Autism researcher and mother of a child with autism, Dr Elisa Hill, makes an impassioned plea in the Herald Sun: Let me help my son: plea to Gillard. See the video.

14 April: Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and ABC News feature stories on news programs about Perth rallies.

14 April: Channel 9 News reports that WA scientists rally over funding cuts.

14 April: Sky News reports that scientists rally in Perth against cuts.

14 April: WA scientists rally in Perth to protest against medical research funding cuts, Perth Now reports.

14 April: The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the Perth Rally for Research.

14 April: Professor Doug Hilton publishes a letter in the Herald Sun on why medical research is the 'light on the hill' for Australians.

14 April: Herald Sun breaking news report on scientists in Perth rally against medical research funding cuts.

14 April: SBS World News reports WA scientists rally over funding cuts.

14 April: Business Spectator reports on Gillard's dangerous medical experiment.

14 April: The West Australian reports on Perth protests research funding cuts.

14 April: Elizabeth Finkel writes in Science about Australian medical scientists protesting hefty budget cuts.

14 April: Victorian State Health Minister David Davis says the medical research funding cut will hit Victoria hard, reports The Age.

14 April: Business News reports 'Scientists rally against funding cuts'.

14 April: Channel 9 News reports the Victorian call for federal government not to slash research funding.

14 April: South Australian academics warn of brain drain, reports Sky News.

14 April: 720 ABC Perth Afternoons host Gillian O'Shaunessey interviews Fiona Stanley about potential cuts to medical research funding.

14 April: Professor Peter Klinken warns that funding cuts could mean we lose a generation of scientists, reports WA Today.

14 April: WA Today reports AMA warning that funding cuts will send our scientists overseas.

14 April: The Medical Journal of Australia 'rapid response’ editorial: Cuts to the NHMRC budget will undermine the health of all Australians — today and in the future.

14 April: BioTechnology News reports thousands rally against medical research cuts.

14 April: Sonshine FM reports 1500 gather to support medical research.


13 April: ABC Radio National Breakfast reports that thousands protest against medical research funding cuts.

13 April: ABC news reports that Sydney scientists have rallied against feared budget cuts.

13 April: The Australian reports that researchers are up in arms over cuts to research funding.

13 April: Top scientists make plea to PM on budget cuts in The Age.

13 April: The Age reports that the government is committed to a budget surplus.

13 April: SBS World News reports on the medical research rallies around Australia.

13 April: 'Stroke survivor testifies as researchers fight to the death': coverage of the Sydney rally in the Sydney Morning Herald.

13 April: The West Australian reports that top WA researchers will come out in force at a rally in Perth tomorrow.

13 April: Scientists rail against touted cuts to research reports The Canberra Times.

13 April: Opinion piece from Bettina Arndt in The Canberra Times: 'Don't pull rug on research'.

13 April: The Hobart Mercury reports on the research funding fears.

13 April: Business News reports Nobel winner and Australian of the Year to fight funding cuts.

13 April: Funding cuts will send our scientists overseas says the AMA in WA Today.

13 April: The Advertiser reports that research cuts 'will put lives at risk'.

13 April: Newcastle Herald gives a regional perspective on the Sydney protest rally.

13 April: Ballarat scientists fears 'brain drain', reports The Courier.

13 April: Nature News reports that Australian researchers are on the march amid rumours of drastic cuts to medical research funding.

13 April: YouTube footage of the Sydney Rally for Research. Thanks to the Garvan Institute for posting this.

13 April: In a letter to the Editor in The Australian, a reader argues that cuts to research funding will bar women from science.

13 April: Readers discuss cuts to NHMRC funding in letters to the editor in The Age.


12 April: Channel 7 News reports on 'Medical research funding cuts'.

12 April: Channel Ten News covers the Sydney and Melbourne Rally for Research.

12 April: Sky News reports on the Rallies for Research 'Medical researchers protest funding cuts'.

12 April: Channel Ten's The 7pm Project ran a segment on the medical research funding cuts (starts approx. 2:53).

12 April: Triple J's Hack program talks to young researchers who will be affected by the cuts (mp3 download).

12 April: Channel Ten 6.30 with George Negus covers potential cuts to medical research funding.

12 April: Southern Cross Tasmania covers the Rallies for Research and potential cuts to medical research funding.

12 April: ABC radio's The World Today talks to Julio Licino from the John Curtin School of Medical Research about the budget cuts: 'Health professionals urge budget restraint'.

12 April: ABC radio's PM program covers the Sydney rally: 'Scientists rally against potential funding cuts'.

12 April: New Matilda article by Professor Doug Hilton: 'Water-Borne Budget Cuts'.

12 April: The Drum Opinion (ABC) piece: 'Funding research essential for a healthy future'.

12 April: The Age reports on Rally for Research in Melbourne and Sydney: 'Thousands rally against medical funding cuts'.

12 April: Newcastle Herald article 'Cut short by asthma': Lenore Miller, whose son Ryan died after an asthma episode, worried quest to understand asthma could be jeopardised if federal government cuts medical research funding.

12 Aprill: The Herald Sun reports that biomedical scientists are fuming over budget cuts.

12 April: Sydney Morning Herald reports 'Gillard sticks to budget surplus plans'.

12 April: Sydney Morning Herald opinion piece: 'Hidden cost in slashing medical research' by Dr Christine Bennett and Peter Wills (author of Wills Review 2000).

12 April: The Canberra Times reports 'Rally over possible medical research cuts'.

12 April: FIVEaa breakfast radio (Adelaide) interview with Professor Doug Hilton about the proposed federal budget cuts to medical research.

12 April: The Australian Editorial discusses 'Protecting scientific expertise'.

12 April: Professor Doug Hilton in The Australian: 'Saving medical research is a no-brainer'.

12 April: Full-page 'Cuts and bruises' article in The Age about the benefits of medical research and questioning the federal government plans to slash the research budget.

12 April: The Age Editorial reports 'Beware false savings in medical research'.

12 April: The Age: Nobel Prize winner Professor Peter Doherty reports 'Medical research cuts will push young scientific stars into exile'.

12 April: Sunrise 'Funding furore' segment including interview with Professor Doug Hilton about the proposed cuts to medical research funding.

12 April: Radio Adelaide's The Wire program interviews Professor Doug Hilton


11 April: ABC Q&A  video question from medical students from Strathfield (NSW): 'Science students question reasoning behind NHMRC cuts' (question and answer start at 37:49).

11 April: Channel 9 news reports on Finance Minister Penny Wong's comments declining to rule out medical research cuts in budget.

11 April: Life Scientist 'Opinion: The tragedy of health and medical budget cuts'.

11 April: The West Australian reports 'Fears Budget cuts will hurt health research'.

11 April: 3AW Breakfast radio (Melbourne) interview with Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director Professor Doug Hilton about Discoveries Need Dollars and the Rallies for Research (about 3/4 way through podcast).

11 April: ScienceAlert article from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director Professor Doug Hilton 'Budget cuts risk public health'.

11 April: The Punch reports 'Science; it’s not just lab coats and specimen jars'.

11 April: The Age reports 'Funding cuts bad for our health'.

11 April: The Age reports 'Health at risk if cuts proceed'.

11 April: The Australian article by Finance Minister Penny Wong says 'Only tough budget cuts will avoid inflation'.

11 April: In a letter to the Editor in The Age one reader suggests 'invest mining boom profits in research'.


10 April: Channel 7, Channel 9, Channel 10 and ABC News feature stories on Sunday evening news programs about threats to medical research funding in the federal budget.

10 April: RRR FM (Melbourne) Einstein A Go Go program discusses the leaked proposed budget cuts to medical research.

10 April: On Insiders (ABC1) 'Finance Minister Penny Wong says this year's federal budget will focus on the short and long-term needs of the economy'.


8 April: Croakey reports 'Health and medical researchers rise up in revolt'.

8 April: ABC Stateline in Victoria, Tasmania and Northern Territory run stories on the NHMRC funding cuts.

8 April: The Conversation article by Rod Lamberts and Will J Grant says 'Gentlemen’s rules are out, scientists: it’s time to unleash the beast'.

8 April: Nicola Roxon speaking on ABC News Breakfast about federal budget cuts. Read the transcript.

8 April: John Shine, Executive Director of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research interviewed on ABC 702 (Sydney) Adam Spencer breakfast show voices 'concern' about Federal Government's cuts to the NHMRC.

8 April: The Commentary section in The Australian considers the issue of cuts to NHMRC funding.

8 April: In the Comment and Debate section of The Age a reader writes under the heading "Research gutted".


7 April: Leukaemia Foundation voices concerns growing over possible $400 million cuts in federal research budget.

7 April: ABC Science reports that Research cuts will create 'brain drain'.

7 April: Professor Doug Hilton speaks on ABC 774AM about the expected 20 per cent cut to the medical research budget.

7 April: Sydney Morning Herald reports that research cuts put lives at risk.


6 April: 2GB's Ray Hadley speaks to Roger Reddell, Director of the Children's Medical Research Institute, and gets angry about the proposed cuts to medical funding in Australia.

6 April: Life Scientist reports that budget cut rumours alarm health researchers, and that some speculate Government is attempting to soften the blow of budget cuts.

5 April: The Australian reports that scientists are lashing out at plans to reduce funding for health and medical research.

4 April: The Australian Medical Association issues a press release in support of not just maintaining, but increasing medical research funding in Australia.

4 April: ABC Radio National's Health Report interviews AAMRI president Professor Julie Campbell and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute director Professor Doug Hilton on the budget cuts looming for medical research.

1 April: Medical researchers are 'gearing up for a fight to protect their funding', reports The Punch.

31 March: Business Review Weekly reports that medical research is under threat.

31 March: The Australian Democrats announce they are backing the Discoveries Need Dollars campaign.

30 March: The Hobart Mecury editorialises that, as Australia's average age rises and the pressure on our health system grows, cutting medical research funding is short-sighted.

29 March: The Hobart Mercury interviews Professor Simon Foote of Tasmania's Menzies Research Institute on the implications for Tasmanian research of medical research cuts.

26 March: ABC TV1 interviews Professor Simon Foote, director of Tasmania's Menzies Research Institute, on proposed NHMRC cuts.

26 March: ABC News online interviews Professor Simon Foote, director of Tasmania's Menzies Research Institute, on proposed NHMRC cuts.

25 March: The Liberal Party issues a press release asking the Gillard government to come clean on whether it intends to cut $400 million from the medical research budget.

25 March: The Australian publishes a letter from Professor Bob Graham, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, on the damage funding cuts would do to our health and wellbeing.  

24 March: The Australian reports on the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes' efforts to stop the federal government cutting medical research funding.

24 March: ABC News online reports that Professor Jonathan Carapetis, director of the Menzies School of Health Research in Darwin, fears his organisation could lose up to 50 per cent of its funding in the coming federal budget.

24 March: Crikey reports 'Research funding cuts: scientists should be making a noise'.

23 March: Ausbiotech, AAMRI, Go8, FASTS, Research Australia and Medicines Australia write to MPs urging them to maintain medical research funding.

22 March: The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun report that major health and science programs face cutbacks of hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming budget.

21 March: The UK Government has announced that they will be investing a further £775M ($1.26 billion) in research funding for translating findings into health outcomes for NHS patients.

20 March: The Age reports that the Gillard government has scrapped two successful education programs run by the Australian Academy of Science.

14 March: The Adelaide Advertiser speculates that the government is considering cutting the NHMRC budget as a savings measure.