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2012 News

22 October: Mid-year budget slashes $499m from ressearch support, in The Conversation.

22 October: Senator Penny Wong, Minister for Finance and Deregulation reports, Government finds savings in uncommitted grants funding.

3 October: Australia should pour up to $3 billion more a year into health and medical research, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

3 October: Simon McKeon discusses the need to integrate research and health services, in The Conversation.

2 October: Politics and science make strange bedfellows, will science policy impact the US election? asks The Guardian.

1 October: French science dodges austerity, research and higher education gets a 2.2% boost, in Nature News Blog.

28 September: Treasurer Wayne Swan tells mamamia, "Early detection and a PSA test saved my life; I know it can save many more".

27 September: Looming cutbacks threaten long-term US research, in Nature News Blog.

25 September: Lab alert, research grant funding freeze could jeopardise 1700 jobs, reports The Age.

18 September: Is Treasurer Wayne Swan planning to cut lifesaving NHMRC funding? MPs challenge Swan on spending priorities, reports the Financial Review.

14 September: Concern spreads about a potential freeze on the federal government's research funding as universities gear up to stave off research cuts, in The Conversation.

5 September: Is the research budget safe? Fork in the road as research threatened, investigates The Australian.

21 August: How generous is the science budget, really? UK government funding numbers, in The Guardian.

10 July: Canadian scientists take to the streets to protest against funding cuts, in The Star.

6 July: Australian science is making big achievements, so why is the picture not so rosy? Scientists must keep the flag flying, reports The Age.

16 May: Australia versus the world in science: how we compare in funding, collaboration and success, asks The Conversation.

16 May: Report commissioned by Australia's chief scientist compares Australian scientific research funding, employment and appeal to OECD figures, in The Conversation.

15 May: The Australian Medical Association is calling on the WA State Government to allocate $40 million a year to health and medical research, reports ABC News.

8 May: Five experts give their last minute 'wish list' of what they believe should be in the Federal Budget, in The Conversation.

8 May: Professor Ian Frazer, is concerned Wayne Swan could slash funding to medical research in its relentless drive for a surplus, reports The Australian.

5 May: The Federal Government is aiming to pass laws to end HECS subsidies for maths and science courses before Parliament rises for the winter break, reports The Age.

26 April: Professor Julie Campbell, president of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI), reflects on the past year in health and medical research advocacy in The Conversation.

23 March: Universities say a proposed defense treaty has the potential to limit Australian medical research, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

22 March: A Deloitte Access Economics report has shown that investment in indigenous health research at the Menzies School of Health Research reaps considerable economic returns.

9 March: Professor Doug Hilton explains in Croakey why all Australians should be interested in the future of health and medical research, and participate in the McKeon Review.

21 February: Professor Warwick Anderson, Chief Executive Officer at the NHMRC, writes about his organisation's new open access policy in The Conversation.

9 February: The importance of mathematicians in medical research, and the difficulties in funding non-traditional medical research are discussed by Professor Doug Hilton in The Conversation.

7 February: The developments in policies for or against free access to the results of publicly funded research are discussed in The Conversation.

3 February: The Sydney Morning Herald reports cancer research funding should be better organised, and allocate more funds to the deadliest cancers.

2 February: Are too many biomedical scientists being trained, asks Nature Jobs blog.

27 January: The Conversation reports on the potential impact of the Research Works Bill, which was introduced to theUS House of Representatives and proposes ending free access to the results of publicly funded research.

26 January: Harold Varmus and Ed Harlow from the US National Cancer Institute write in Nature about a new funding model that includes a public ideas forum.

25 January: Tim Dean, from the University of New South Wales, asks whether the Australian Government is appropriately funding science outreach projects in an article in The Conversation.

23 January: Neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Teo discusses the importance of innovation and research for Australia's future in his Australia Day speech.

23 January: The Australian examines whether Australian research organisations adequately deal with claims of research misconduct.

20 January: Science Insider reports US medical research budget cuts have caused record low success rates for grant applications to the National Institutes of Health.

18 January: Professor Peter Taylor from the Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative writes in The Australian that raising HECS fees for maths and science students will impact biotechnology industries and health

18 January: Nature reports that with less research funding available by conventional means, some scientists are turning to direct public appeals.

11 January: The UK government will make all publicly funded research publications available to the public., reports The Guardian.

10 January 2012: Spanish scientists are urging Spain’s tax authority to adopt a novel way of raising funds for research, reports Nature Newsblog.

8 January 2012: The Herald Sun reminds us that this year is the 70th anniversary of the first successful use of penicillin.

6 January 2012: Business News Daily reports on an opinion poll commissioned by Research!America showing public and political support for health research funding.

5 January 2012: Advances in screening and treatment have led to a decline in cancer-related deaths in the United States, Reuters reports.

4 January 2012: The Guardian reports on a UK government plan to encourage the formation of a new class of private university that will focus on science, technology and postgraduate training.